Thank you for choosing IE Pro YOU® for your implicit and explicit association studies. IE Pro YOU® will allow you to measure a variety of implicit and explicit associations targeted people have with various “stimuli of interest” (SOIs; e.g., brands, ads, package designs, etc.) and determine the degree to which those associations impact your outcomes of interest (e.g., purchase, preference, purchase interest, etc.).

This platform provides a “Do-It-Yourself” (DIY) tool for every component of your studies. This includes selecting and submitting various elements of your design, signing up for a subscription plan, preparing to launch your surveys with your sample provider, collecting data, analyzing data, and receiving reports. All of this can be managed right here at this site.

To use IE Pro YOU®, you must first establish an account. It’s free to have an account and will allow you to see how the system works before you actually conduct studies.

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